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Winner of the 2017 Autumn House Fiction Prize

Autumn House Press

Set during the Iraq War, these linked stories move between the lives of the Khalil family in Baghdad and Clark, an American GI, examining the impact of war on two families on two continents. A Sunni museum official accidentally hits a child with her car. A group of young GIs sneak into the women’s quarters wearing night vision goggles. A father makes a daily ritual of searching the streets of war-torn Baghdad for his missing daughter. An American soldier finds a letter in the pocket of a dying Iraqi woman, yet struggles to put it into the mail. As each of the eleven stories unfolds, they reveal the redeeming powers of love and family in a time of war.



Winner of the 2015 Spokane Prize

Finalist, 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Willow Springs Books

A woman running a halfway house for paroled sexual predators is left wondering if her favorite has committed his most unthinkable crime yet.

A groundskeeper who has just discovered that his ex is pregnant digs up an infant’s tombstone inscribed with his own name. A traumatic traffic collision sends an aging couple back into their decades long marriage. Whether it be a dying man spying on two teenage lovers or a new mother running from her colicky infant, the nine stories in Suffering Fools spring from the dark corners of our psyches, revealing the fears and contradictions that give shape to unconditional love.



Truman State University Press, 2001

Glori Simmons's solemn, lyrical investigations of the phenomenal world are like the X-ray in her poem, "Hand mit Ringen": we are invited to touch the skeleton of the real....Her poems go beneath the surfaces of things--a hand, a cloud of sperm, the remains of a victim of Vesuvius, a posed portrait of a country fair--to see the things anew. Simmons can turn the same exacting eye from objects to personal experience, opening up the self and its past for reflective inspection....

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